Our Vision

CryptoAUSTRALIA is a leading authority promoting a society where Australians can defend their privacy


We engage the community with exciting talks and workshops about privacy and security


We produce tools, techniques and informative websites to help citizens defend their privacy


Our organisation provides a wealth of resources on privacy and security


We now have multi-city presence across Australia. Sydney and Melbourne. More cities to follow.

Our Events

Digital Self-Defence & Privacy

CryptoAUSTRALIA Digital Self-Defence & Privacy empowers citizens to embrace technology to help preserve their right to privacy. Our group achieves this by providing practical information on tools, processes and policy (need to think about appropriate terms) allowing citizens that are new to privacy concepts to quickly adopt and adapt to a privacy environment.

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These events involve speakers with exciting things to say about the latest challenges of information security and privacy. Each session is followed by an engaging Q&A where the audience could ask their questions from the presenter and engage in the conversation. This format also features in-depth technical workshops.

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Our Projects

Privacy for Journalists

Privacy for Journalists is a website that helps investigative journalists protect their information sources

The site features a wealth of information on various encryption and security tools. The easy-to-follow guides were written with the journalist community in mind.

The website is also available in Portugese for helping the journalist community in Brazil

Our Team

Gabor Szathmari

Gabor is a passionate privacy, open government and free speech advocate. He helps organisations with their information security challenges in his professional life.

Nick Kavadias

Nick was an IT professional for many years, but now practices as a solicitor. Since 1999 he has worked for a variety of different businesses including several Australian ISPs, the financial services industry and technology start-ups.

Aiza Kamar

Aiza is a respected SCADA an cybersecurity professional with over a decade of industry experience.

Ed Yuwono
Director of Strategy

Edward is an Information Security strategist providing practical approaches for defending organisations.

Roland Wen
Event Coordinator

Roland is a Visiting Fellow at UNSW, so we can't show you his face. He has an unhealthy obsession with privacy, security, cryptography and elections.

Karissa Breen
Volunteer, Brand Ambassador

Karissa is a creative Individual for a passion for technology and focus in advocating for cyber security

Jeremiah Cruz
Volunteer, Project Manager

Jeremiah is a Network Security Associate and gaming enthusiast. He educates through story-telling and challenging practiced norms. He eats, drinks and knows things.

Mark Williams
Volunteer, Event Coordinator (Melbourne)

Mark is an information security professional with over 12 years' experience, across multiple countries and industries. Ever since the Snowden revelations, he's been a digital privacy advocate against government and corporate surveillance, and he runs securemessagingapps.com in his spare time.

Takahiro Nei
Director of Fundraising

Taka is a serial entrepreneur from Japan with numerous start-up engagements in Chicago, London, Myanmar (Burma), Tokyo and now Sydney.

He is serving as a Director of Fundraising Strategy.